A few reasons why your Facebook Ads Campaigns are not working properly

There are literally tens of thousands of tutorials, ebooks, webinars, master groups or online courses out there for those who wish to learn about setting up a Facebook Ads Campaign. And with so much information out there you might not always get the correct picture.

Practice makes perfect, as they say. But untill you gather enough experience, here are a few examples of what can go wrong with your ad campaigns and how to fix them.

Traffic Conversions

This is by far the most often mistake young advertisers tend to make. They set-up a traffic to website campaign and after a couple of thousand clicks they notice not a single purchase or sign-up has been made.

While in theory any visitor to your website is a potential customer, there is a long journey down the sales funnel to be made in order to convert a user into a customer. Traffic campaigns will only get you visitors. If customers is what you are after, then you need to set-up a conversions campaign.

website traffic report

“I already spent 50 dollars…”

“I already spent 50 dollars and I still haven’t gotten any sales” is a phrase I’ve heard dozens of times. Even though it may seem like a lot, especially for startup companies, 50 dollars isn’t really that much when it comes to campaign budget.

The ideal scenario is that you will use at least 50 dollars only for testing different audience segments and ad types ( 50 dollars / segment or ad type). Once you realize which one is working better, you can then scale that campaign in order to boost the results. This can be done by increasing the budget, creating a Lookalike Audience, further segmenting the audience etc.

Getting results from the wrong crowd

You are targetting Paris, for example, but are getting lots of link clicks or leads from users in Berlin. How can this be? Well Facebook doesn’t see people in Paris as only the permanent residents of the city. They can also be comuters, students, people passing through, tourists etc.

One way you can solve this is by making sure you select “People who live in this location” from the audience editing section. Also you can use the homeowner interest group and make sure you have selected only french (in this case) speaking users. Moreover, you can use narrow interest groups for a more accurate audience.

audience targetting facebook

The CPR is very high

Yes, 5 dollar / link click is a high CPR. If you are seeing this in your Ads Manager Dashboard, that means there is something wrong with your campaign. A Traffic to Website or a Traffic to Messenger Facebook Ads Campaign should have a Cost Per Result as low as 5 to 10 cents, or even lower.

Usually the cause of a high CPR is a bad creative. An indicator of this is a low relevancy score. Try removing some of the text from the picture or thumbnail (20% tops) and use a relevant picture for the product you are promoting. Also, the ad text should be clear and concise.

Another cause of a high CPR can be the landing page. Don’t send people interested in shoes on the homepage of a clothing store. Ad Campaigns should be about a fluid experience from the ad copy, till the checkout form.

ad example
photo credit: New York Times

If there any other problems you encountered, leave a comment and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Good luck!

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