How a successful Facebook Ad Creative should look like

I wrote in a past article about the Relevence Score of a Facebook Ad Campaign and how important it is for performance factors. A big part of the relevance score is based on the ad creative.

Although some advertisers tend to look at the creative as a whole (image + text), I like to think of the creative as only the picture you use. While text is an important part of the ad copy, I will only refer to the picture.

Blue background

Yes, pictures with blue background, tend to perform better. Whether it is the sky, the sea, or a wall, an image with a predominant blue backgrouns will help you get a higher RS.


Ads with people

People like to see people. An image with people is perceived as more trustworthy. It’s a simple matter of social proof and giving the ad a personal feel.

Faces more than anything

Not only people, but people’s faces. So instead of using an image of 5 people aroud a table, use one of 2 people up close.

facebook ad creative

Red on White and vice versa

It’s common knowledge that some colors tend to convert better than others. This is also true for Facebook Ad Creatives. Use red for the text you display on your image. Alternatively you could use red text on a white background or viceversa.

Don’t forget branding

Yes, users react better to branded content. You could use your logo on the creative or just the brand colors. This is also beneficial for brand awareness and brand recall.

Stir emotions

Use images that stir emotions. Whether it’s happiness, surprise, disgust or anger, the best way to determine someone to take action is through emotions.

ad emotions

Be aware that these characteristics might not apply to all products and ad types. However, they give you some general guidelines for creating a successful ad.

Good luck!

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