Free stock photo resources – no strings attached

And when I say Free, I mean COMPLETELY FREE. No strings attached, no attribution needed. The last thing you’d want to do is write “photo credit…” on your website’s homepage or Facebook Page’s cover.

This is not an article for those who have a generous budget to invest in stock pictures. This one is for those who are looking to develop their website and or create great content for their blog or social media accounts and can’t spend money for each photo they use.



The first go to stock photography website for the DIY kind of people would have to be PEXELS. It is filled with professional photos and is constantly expanding it’s library.

I use this for creating or customizing websites and for marketing, business or photography related content.





This one has an even larger library than Pexels. PIXABAY also has a better search engine which lets you find more relevant results for specific keywords.

I’d recommend this one mostly for travel related content. It has great shots of almost every exotic destination or large city in the world. It also has tons of professionaly designed templates, which you can use for newsletters or Facebook Ads campaigns.





PICJUMBO is somewhere in between the other 2 I’ve mentioned. Although it offers Premium Paid Subscription, it also gives you completeley free acces to most of it`s library.

The main advantage here is that it’s photos are organized into collections. Thus making it easier to find related content of the type of pictures you we’re already searching for.





New to the free stock photography crew is PIKWIZARD. It has a decent sized library of pics from various domains, like office, travel, urban,  pets, food and many other. The big plus is that once your logged in, you get a customizable interface where you can add your favourite pics and keep track of your uploads (if you want to contribuite).

Also you get a chance to edit your photos from Pikwizard directly online, through an affiliate platform, called Design Wizard (this one is not completely free).


Something booring about etiquette

All of these websites offer CC0 Creative Commons license on all of their content. This means that you are free to adapt and use them even for commercial purposes without attributing the original author or source.

Although it is not required, give a shoutout whenever you can or feel like it to the original source and author. This helps keep websites like these alive.

Leave a comment if you know any other great free online stock photography websites. Good luck!

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