5 common design mistakes to avoid on your website

The ideal scenario is that you would pay a web design company to build the website based on your specifications, but using their years of expertise in design and usability. But most of the startups out there don’t have the funds required to hire professionals for that.

The other “quick fix” are those do it youself platforms. Building you own website, without any development or design experience could prove to be bad for business. Here’s 5 mistakes you should avoid if you’re the DIY type.

Lightly colored Call to Action buttons

One of the most important aspects of an online business are the Call to Action buttons. That’s why you should pay a considerable ammount of attention on the colors you use for these elements.

The CTA’s need to stand out on your website. That is why you should avoid using light colors. Although green is associated with positive emotions, red has been proven to convert best when used on Call to Action buttons.


photocredit – keepitusable.com

Exceeding the 5 second rule

The 5 second rule states that users should be able to tell what you website is about within the first 5 seconds they landed on your page. If they exceed that limit it means that the content isn’t relevant for your business or the products you are selling.

You should pay particular attention to the above the fold content on your homepage and on other landing pages you are using for lead generation. Make sure you include concise, clear and catchy information about your company.

Using improper fonts

One of the most common web design mistakes are fonts that are not legible or which don’t render well on some displays. It is wrong to use a certain type of font just because it looks good. You have to test it and make sure it is legible on all types of devices and displays.

It is also wrong to use thin or small fonts on important information and big or bold fonts on text that is not so important to the average user.

wrong fonts

Too many pop-ups

There`s nothing more disturbing than being “assaulted” with pop-ups. You are reading something interesting or browsing through some products and BAM, a pop-up. Or worse, you are trying to get to the pricing list and are being blocked by a pop-up, which is forcing you to sign up to a newsletter.

These are tactics which might work on some users, but which will send most of them away from your website. I would suggest using pop-ups only if you have a promotion or after a user has completed an action on your website (to say thank you).

Too many ads

Sidebar ads, pop-up ads or ads that slide out from the edges of your screen. Nothing says I put money first than a website cluttered with ads. They ad to your loading time and take the users attention away from the important content.

It’s ok to display a sponsor’s ad or a partners banner. However, it is wrong to bombard your users with ads.  If there are too many, try using a carrousel or alternating banners.


I hope that this info helps you improve your online game. Don’t be afraid to test different elements, but always think about the user’s experience. Good luck!

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