What to post when there’s nothing to post about

We’ve all had it. That writer’s block when trying to come up with great lead-generating ideas for your content. After all, it’s not everyday that Facebook announces Live Video, or Google releases another Penguin update. So what is there left to write about when it seems like you’ve exhausted every topic in your area of expertise?

Personal failure

Yes, bad news will always attract more attention than good news. But that’s not the only reason you should write about your personal failure stories.¬† Sharing¬† the moments in your life when things didn’t go as planned, will show your audience that you are a strong individual, who knows how to get back up and eventually succeeds. That is a person they will want to follow and from whom they would like to receive advice and help.

A cause you support

A truly successful individual is one who cares about others and gives back to the community. That is why it is important to break up the editorial content list from time to time in order to show your support for a certain cause. It will give you and your bunsiness a more human appearance.

The daily routine

We all have our certain routine which we go through in the morning, evening or throughout the day. We tend to repeat the same set of actions every day because that way we have more energy, sleep better or just feel good about ourselves. Why not share the routine that works best for you with others? You can create infographics, write a blog article or ad a photo album to your social media accounts.



Ah, tutorials! Video, photo, text or audio, there are many ways to share your knowledge with others. Tutorials are a great way to pass on valuable information for someone who’s just getting started or to the more advanced followers.


I find it that you need 3 ingredients for success: inspiration, motivation and hard work. While motivation is something personal and hard work is… well just hard work, it is always timely to post inspirational content. Whether you write about finding inspiration, share an audio track you like or just post a photo, this type of content will get you out of the editorial jam.

If you have any comments don’t hesitate to write them. Good luck!

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