Who should be your top brand ambassadors

“Brand ambassador” is one of the most efficient marketing strategies, but which is often ignored, misundesrstood or implemented incorrectly, especially by start-ups or small businesses.

Most entrepreneurs think of brand ambassadors solely as influencers, which is wrong!

The main brand ambassador for your business should be you

Especially when you`ve just started, the easiest and cheapest means for promotion are posting about your business, talking to others about your business, creating profiles on social networks and other digital platforms etc.

Don`t forget friends and family

All starting entrepreneurs go through the “do it yourself” phase and don’t like to ask for help. But in the first few months, when you still don’t have a steady cash flow or a marketing budget, you could call on the help of friends and family to promote your business.

Your loved ones could help with a share, a like or comment, they could write a review, tell others about your business or even buy your product.

If your employees don’t become brand ambassadors, you have a problem

We tend to forget about our employees when we talk about marketing and this is wrong. It’s equally important to have proud employees, as it is to have happy customers!

A custom t-shirt, mug, pen or notebook are some of the basic ways for turning your employees into brand ambassadors. But you should’t stop at that!

If you see that one of your employees is taking a selfie during working hours, don’t scold him for wasting time, instead encourage him or her to tag the company page or profile when posting.

The most important brand ambassadors are happy customers

Leads coming from recommendations are the easiest to convert and recommendations will only come from satisfied customers!

In an ideal world this whole process would be natural, but to boost the marketing effort it doesn’t hurt to encourage your customers to write a review or to post about the experience they had while interacting with your business.

Negative feedback is as important as the positive! An entrepreneur should handle negative comments maturely and not react emotionally when receiving a bad review.

Good luck!

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