Instagram advertising bug widespread through Europe

In the last 48 hours hundreds of accounts all across Europe have been hit by a bug that prevents users from boosting posts on Instagram.

When trying to set up a “profile visits” campaign, for example, users get the following error message: “Multi-destination ads with WhatsApp are not available right now: Uncheck WhatsApp or remove the location in Europe to continue.”

The issue isn`t related to WhatsApp integration, as most of the accounts hit by this bug don’t have WhatsApp integration with their business accounts.

What ca you do to overcome this issue

There doesn’t seem to be a general solution that works for all. Some users said that reposting a certain post, allowed them to boos it. Other said they managed to boost an Instagram post through Business Suite App, via smartphone.

Here is a Reddit thread, showcasing other solutions users have found so far.

No official announcement

So far Instagram and Meta representatives haven’t made any official announcement about the bug or abour their engineers working on a solution.

One thought on “Instagram advertising bug widespread through Europe

  1. When is it going to be fixed? Does anyone have an idea? I run my business through instagram ads (europe) and I’m losing lots of money right now! The timing is very bad.

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