Why Google Keyword Planner should be every marketers best friend

Not only for digital marketing, but especially for this industry, predicting customer behaviour is key. Hmm… I wonder who else is into studying user behavioral patterns? I’ll give you a hint: blue red yellow blue green red.

Yes, Google is constantly adjusting it’s search result according to the users’s searches terms and context. The search giant uses a very complex search algorythm which is trying to display the most relevant results for every single query.

This is done by looking at the context which best fits a search query like “dog food”. Ideally users would search for “price for a 1kg bag of X brand dog food in Y store in London”. That doens’t happen, so Google needs to figure out which results would best fit a short tail keyword search like “dog food”.

google search algorythm

Google likes to share

The good news is this information Google doesn’t keep to itself. You can also use it and the search giant has provided you with the ideal tool for that. It’s called Keyword Planner and you can acces it via your AdWords account, after you’ve set up you first campaign.

Tip: Set up a minimal budget AdWords campaign if you wish to exepriment with the Keyword Planner before paying for Google ad campaigns.

The many uses of Keyword Planner

So what does keyword planner do? The most important aspect is that it allows you to look at search trends using any combinations of keywords you can come up with. This is the best way to figue out which are the most relevant keywords for your business. Using that data you can improve your SEO easily and set up profitable ad campaigns.

keywords ideas

And if you don’t have any keyword ideas, Keyword Planner will give you the most relevant suggestions. You just need to enter a landing page and select a product category or product type. You will then receive a list of keyword ideas sorted by relevance.

Keyword Planner also shows you how much competition some keywords have, by suggesting how much you need to bid in order to run a successful AdWords campaign.

google search trends

Alternatively you could use search suggestions from google, but if you wan’t SEO done right you ned to take your time and do the propper research using this great tool. Good luck!


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