5 Ways for Free Quality Link Building

It is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It is also one of the most difficult undertakes. Link building can be your shield against Google algorythm updates. But if done wrong it can lead to severe ranking penalties.

There are a lot of ways to link build, but most are expensive and some will do more harm than good to your website. I`ve prepared a list of 5 ways you can build a quality backlink network to your website for free.

Find communities for you specific niche

If you business is selling books it won`t do you any good to get backlinks from car forums. You need to discover the communities tailored to your specific product.

You can search Facebook Groups or Online Forums which relate to your type of product or service, and publish your content there for free.

Use Link Directories, which can connect your business to your potential customers. There are some expensive Link Directories out there, but there also are some high-quality free ones.

Exchange guest posts with bloggers who write about subjects of interest to your audience.

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Create quality shareable content

You need to create quality content, relevant to your audience. If you are a blogger your posts need to be up to date, concise, clear and visually appealing.

If you offer a service, like SEO audits, try creating and posting helpfull tutorials, infographics or e-books. You can also offer discounts to those who link to your website.

Monitor your backlinks

It is important to always monitor your backlinks. You can do so using Google Search Console to see a list of all websites linking to your`s. You can then use an online scanner to check the safety and quality of a certain website/domain.

Google is known to derank websites which have low-quality/spammy backlinks. I`ve written more on that subject here.

quality content

Social media and local presence

It is easier to share content that has already been packaged for that purpose. That is why your business needs to have profiles on all networks which allow you to do so. Use Facebook, Instagram, G+, Twitter, Linked In etc.

Take advantage of Google Places and create a location for your business. Also you may want to use Google`s My Business to create a local presence on Google Maps.

Give back to the community

Do not limit yourself at taking and remeber to give back to the community. Use your website to share usefull content from other similar websites. If you read interesting ideas make sure to quote and link to the source in your blog articles.



It is possible to create powerfull backlinks without investing any money. You just need to spend a little time doing research and create quality content.

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