6 ways photos can improve your blog posts

Creating great visual content should be your number one priority when it comes to digital marketing. But what about those tideous blog posts? How much should you emphasize the visual aspect of your text content? How many photos are too many for a blog post? Here are some ways in which images can add to you written content:

The clickbait

No, it`s not ok to rely on clickbait for your articles or social media posts. But the featured image you use on your blog post (the same which appears on your social media posts) saves just that purpose.

The main photograph will attract users attention. The first thing they see when they scroll through their newsfeed will be that photo. Once the image has gained their attention, they will stop and read your title and perhaps click on the link.


Illustrating your ideas

Images inside your blog posts will serve as examples of what you are trying to say. They don`t say a photograph is worth a thousand words for nothing. It is far easier to show something than to explain it in writing.

Break up your post

I also use photographs to break up my blog posts into different sections. You can use them right after a heading or after certain paragraphs. Basically images tend to brake up the monotony of long posts and persuade users to scroll further down.

Keep it balanced

Too many images inside your post and your ideas will get lost among them. I find it that the ideal proportion is to add one photograph after every three or four paragraphs. That works best for both visual aspect and relevance.

If you are posting something technical or you need to illustrate more aspects of your subject, it is best to use side scrolling galleries, rather than individual photos inserted among paragraphs.


Adding colour

Text content tends to be very dull. You have the background and the font colors and perhaps some sidebars or widgets. Not very much to keep you excited. Images add color to your blog posts making the more appealing.

Relevance above all

None of these principles will work if you don`t keep your photos relevant. Don`t post beach images inside a post about digital marketing. You will only deflect attention from the main ideas.

Please let me know your opinion or if you find this post useful. Good luck!

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