How YouTube TV is going to change the Digital Marketing world

The ups and downs

On one hand you have a very cheap streaming service which gives it`s users unlimited cloud storage service for recording their favourite shows. Each 35$ subscription will have six independent accounts. So basically everyone will be able to watch their own shows and record everything around the clock.

Plus it`s online. So you will be able to watch everything everywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Now that`s about it for the positive aspects.

youtube live

YouTube TV includes only a handful of broadcasters. The subscribers will be missing out on basic-cable networks from conglomerates like Turner (CNN, TBS, TNT, truTV), Viacom (BET, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1), Scripps Networks (HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel), A&E Networks (History, A&E), AMC Networks (AMC, BBC America), and Discovery Communications (Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, TLC), according to Quartz.

Also, if that unlimited DVR cloud storage appealed to you, you should know everything will get deleted after 9 months. Also you need to take into account the fact that you will require a powerfull internet connection to stream live and HD programs. That might not be an issue in countries like Romania or Russia (who are known for low cost / high broadband internet services), but will become a problem if you travel in other EU states, like Italy or Spain or if you have to rely on hotel wireless.

youtube app

A piece of the TV ad market

With YouTube TV launch just around the corner is it necessary to ask ourselves how will this change digital marketing industry?

Well, for starters it will mean TV networks will be able, for the first time in television history, to run dynamic and targeted ad campaigns, just like you would do on AdWords. The subscribers could see adverts based on their viewing preferences, age, sex, location and other online activity factors.

On the other hand YouTube might allow ads from other marketers to overlay a certain networks program, as in regular YouTube ads. And that is a whole new game-changing market.

youtube ads

What you should know

YouTube TV`s ad strategy is still unclear. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google’s primary play with YouTube TV is to “break into the in-home and television advertising market,” selling targeted advertising in the network ad slots that typically go to cable operators.

YouTube TV is planning it`s launch just before summer. For now it will only be available in the US.

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