Will Facebook change the rules of the game?

It seems so. The social media giant is testing a revolutionary feature for it`s users, according to DailyMail. The app will get a second Newsfeed tab, which will feature content from pages you haven`t liked or users you don`t follow.

The second tab will be called “Explore” and somehow resembles the similar feature Instagram offers. Facebook will also show you in your secondary newsfeed content related to your interests. So if you like gardening, you will see content related to that subject.

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This might not seem like much, but it could change a lot for those looking to gain an audience or sell their products. It may be a great possibility to gain organic followers. It may also be a new advertising channel.

It will be very interesting to find out how the algorythm for that new section will work. Will the content featured in the Explore tab be based on popularity or solely on your interests? Will it also include a search option based on category (e.g. construction company or pharmacy) and not only on name? I`m hoping it won`t just be another spamming oportunity!

For now, the feature is being tested on IOS and Android but Facebook didn`t announce a release date or othe specifications.


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