The birth of great social media content

There’s content and there’s great content. What’s the difference between the two? Some might say it’s just about luck, inspiration or an overpriced smartphone.

While that might be true to an extent, great social media content has more than you think behind it. There is a consistent and organized creation process that goes into making your business shine on various social media platforms.

It all starts with The talk

Nothing happens without “the talk”, or the client brief as some might call it. Regardless of the terminology, it’s essential that you have a one on one with your client before doing anything.

You need to clearly establish the business objectives, editorial policy, brand identity, buyer persona etc. Without a clear , user oriented frame, social media management is just a shot in the dark.

social media management.jpg

Gotta stick with The plan

Now that you have your outline, it’s time to build “the plan”. This is the part with the organized process I was talking about.

You need an editorial calendar which serves multiple purposes. It helps you plan and create in advance, keep track of your activity and it protects you from ever being caught of guard.

You have to gather The content

Content curation is going to make things so much easier. Whether you spot a beautiful picture, an inspiring quote or an interesting article, save it!

Content curation is a great way to add value to your creation process and interact with the online community.

digital marketing.jpg

The source of The idea

Yes, you need inspiration. But experience also helps. Remeber the plan? This is the step when you have to decide how you are going to promote that blue pair of shoes.

Is it product photography? A video of an athlete? A giveaway? Who knows. But remember: there’s no place for bad ideas!

Don’t forget about The creation process

This is the step when you edit the photos, shoot and process the video, write the text, create the graphical elements and all that other magical stuff.

Don’t think that you can go all natural and dominate the competition. There’s a lot of unseen hours of creative work that go into that stuning photo you saw or that text that got a lot of replies.

photo editing web design.jpg

The post, The story, The live

This is where you have to figure out if you go with multiple languaces, restricted audience, a certain time frame, emojis, check-in, a link, a boost, hashtags etc.

Each platform has it’s own options which you have to take into account when posting. While you could schedule a premiere for your video on Facebook in order to get people talking, Instagram gives you the possibility to use the chat sticker for that.

social media calendar.jpg

So while it may be easier for a celebrity or a well known brand to beat the competition on social media, for the rest, hard work is still required. You have to be persistent, consistent and organized in order to create quality content.

Good luck!

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