2019 Digital Marketing Wishlist

It’s that time of the year again. Time to draw the line on 2018 and make the wishlist for 2019.

Out of all the items on last year’s list, only two came true: Facebook got an upgrade to the business page inbox and wordpress’s support improved.

So here’s the 2019 Digital Marketing Wishlist:

From Facebook

Crossposting from business page to linked group. This is pretty self-explanatory. I’m surprised they haven’t thought about it yet.

Story scheduling. If stories are to play an important part of a social media marketing strategy for 2019, Facebook has to give us the option to schedule stories for both pages and groups.

30 days insights would be useful. I understand why page statistics are shown in 28 days chunks. But as a social media manager my report has to be for the whole month. Yes, you can export custom data and do the math yourself, but it’t very tedious.

facebook marketing 2019-min

From Instagram

Better insights. Instagram is lacking in depth, customizable data for business profiles and ads. Again, I know there are third party apps which offer more info, but I feel we should get the insights directly from Instagram.

Desktop posting. As a social media manager I find it would be a lot easier to be able to work from my computer and not from my smartphone. Especially when you have to make 10 or more daily posts.

Post and story scheduling. I wished for it last year and I’m goint to wish for it again. Of course there are hacks and third party platforms that offer Instagram scheduling services, but it would be great for everything to happen in one place.

instagram marketing 2019-min

From Google

SEO platform. I feel like the time has come for Google to make it’s stand in the SEO industry. It would be only natural for small, perhaps medium businesses to have access to first party SEO related data through an organized and simple platform. Yes I would agree with a monthly fee, as long as the insights would be relevant.

Why LinkedIn didn’t make the cut

I have to say it. LinkedIn was the biggest surprise of 2018. The changes made for businesses and advertisers are huge. I think 2019 will see LinkedIn turn into a major player for the social media market in Central and Eastern Europe.

That’s it for me. What are your 2019 wishes? Leave a comment below.

Good luck!


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