Living Live – why should you?

If video is king on social media, then livestreaming must be queen. At least it has become over the past two years. We have come a long way since Periscope, and broadcasting over the internet has become part of our daily lives.

Many of us can`t even imagine life without Facebook Live anymore. Not to mention how many gamers have seen their dreams come true thanks to Twitch or YouTube live streaming.

But why should you get in on the broadcasting frenzy? Here are a few reasons:


Instant delivery and higher reach

We live in an era where users have gotten used to having everything at their finger tips, especially information. Whether you want to share something with your friends and familly or you need to let your customers know about a new special offer, live streaming will deliver the news instantly to your desired audience.

Plus, it isn`t a secret that Facebook favors video content delivery over photos or text. So your broadcasting will get to be seen by more users.


video broadcasting


Cost effective

There`s nothing worse than spending money on something and getting less or zero return on investment. You won`t have to worry about that with live streaming. It`s free on most platforms. You can go HD Live with just a digital camera or a smartphone and a decent internet connection.


Immediate feedback

Live streaming encourages engagement above all. Most platforms offer live chat plugins which help your users connect, ask questions or give precious feedback. No more newsletter surveys to test customer satisfaction! No more sending photos over Whatsapp to your friends so you can find out if you look good in that dress!


More leads

Moreover, we can`t overlook the comercial aspects of live video broadcasting. It is a powerful marketing tool, which offers wider and cheaper content delivery to your potential customers.

Plus, as a business you can`t afford to miss out on this awesome lead generating tool.



Streaming is steadily becoming a lifestyle. Like smartphones, live video broadcasting over the internet will grow into an indispensable tool for infuencers, businesses and media companies.

If you would like to ad any more reasons to the list leave a comment bellow. Good luck!

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