Do I really need an SEO professional?

You could just do it yourself. With al the great tools and online courses out there Search Engine Optimization has become an “open for all” industry. More and more people realize SEO isn’t some kind of voodoo that only some can master. So why should you hire someone to do it for you?

Do you really need another task in your To Do list?

Although it is possible to teach yourself how to do SEO, this isn’t a lesson you’re going to learn overnight or on a weekend. This is quite a large area of expertise for someone to cover. Even with acces to all the best online courses, webinars and workshops you’ll need weeks before you can even grasp the basic elements of SEO.

As a business owner your time is precious. You should spend it on tasks at which you are an expert at. Don’t leave out other important priorities for your company in order to devote your personal time and efforts for SEO.


Why do you even need SEO?

The days of asking around to find a certain business are long gone. Nowadays everyone is searching online for whatever they need. And when the time comes for someone to want your products, they will be looking for your website, Facebook page, Google place, LinkedIn profile an so on.

For your business to truly prosper you need to be visible online. Not only that, but you must the first company they find when they are looking for a specific product or service. This is what SEO does: it takes your business to the next level, making it easy for everyone who will ever need what you sell to find it.

You need to let go

SEO is a time consuming process. As your business grows it is important to learn to let go. You can’t control every single aspect of your company and nor should you. You go to the doctor when you are sick and not to medicine university. So why not hire a professional to do SEO for you?

Money spent on Search Engine Optimization will not be wasted and will keep you safe from the dire consequences of making a mistake if you do it yourself.

If you have any questions leave a comment and I’ll contact you as soon as I can. Good luck!

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