Basic Steps for a Successful Business Page on Facebook

Facebook has become the place to be for every type of business nowadays. It is one of the easiest ways to help you reach potential customers, grow brand awareness and sell more.

Everyone can create a Facebook Page but some do it better than others. There are a few key ingredients to ensure success.

Select your type of business

Facebook has several types of pages you can create. If you are a musician you need to select Artist, Band or Public Figure when creating your page. On the other hand, if you are selling t-shirts, creating an Entertainment page won’t help you much.

If you select the right type, Facebook will help your fans or potential customers find your bunsiness with ease. You will have better chances to grow your audience faster and gather a relevant following.

facebook business page

The right cover and profile photo

You page’s cover and profile photo are like your online business card. You should spend some time and effort in creating quality images to use for these two important parts of your page.

Use your business logo or your personal photo (if you are a known professional) for your profile photo. The cover photo should be relevant to your type of activity. Use it as a background on which you write your company name and your motto. These are key elements by which people will remember you by.

If you are not sure about the right sizes, here is a cheat sheet.

How often should you post

First of all it is important that you don’t change the frequency with which you post. Once your followers have grown accustomed to a certain rhythm, they will come back looking for more at the same time next day or week.

2 posts per day are the right amount for any type of business page. That way you don’t annoy your fans and you keep them interested.

facebook community

What should you post

I recently was talking to someone who owned a home repair company. They were posting photos and videos of beautiful homes on their page each day. But somehow their followers didn’t engage with that type of content. Why should they?

Photos and videos of beautiful homes would be suited for an interior decoration or architecture page. But for a home repair business, content about ways to fix things around the house, short “do it yourself” tutorials and posts about why you should hire a professional would have been more suited.

Engage with your community

You need to interact with you followers. Try to answer in a positive manner to all comments. Even the ones that criticise your business (that doesn’t mean you should tolerate abuse or foul languace).

Respond as quickly as you can to all private messages you receive on your page. That will show your followers you are a serious business and care about them and their opinions.

facebook insights

Use insights

If you are not sure which photo, video or text to post on your page you can use the Insights sections to gain valuable data about what your followers respond best to.

You can see at what time of day they are more active and which type of content gets them more engaged. You can then adjust the type of posts you make accordingly.

You need to invest

Not all of your followers will see all of your posts. Facebook’s algorythm delivers your content to a small number of your fans. In order to get maximum reach you need to invest from time to time in Facebook ad campaigns.

Don’t do it randomly! Try to narrow down your audience as much as you can before starting an ad campaign. Otherwise you will be wasting your money.


You can find more info about how Facebook followers reach works here, on my old blog. If you need any help, just leave a comment and I’ll contact you. Good luck!

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